Book List 4

It's that time again.. I made yet another trip to the library [yes I need stock in a publishing house or something!]. Daddy Chaos is just thankful that I go to the library vs buying all these books! lol!

This time Drama Queen & I went together. We both had a list and went our separate ways. I however got distracted early on [ohh shiny!] with the New Books section.   I always browse this area to find new authors.  It works for me.   Except this time, I came away with a big ole stack of books from the new section and didn't even make it to my list. Oops!

[side note- I've decided to try something different this time - just actually listing the books I checked out hence the title book list & then I'll do a separate post for each book later as a little short review.. We'll see if I actually keep up with it.  Wanna place bets?]

Anyways... on with the list  :

Confessions of a Little Black Gown
Check out my review of this book

Bed of Roses (The Bride Quartet, Book 2) 

Blonde With a Wand: A Babes On Brooms Novel (Babes-on-Brooms) 

Chick with a Charm: A Babes On Brooms Novel (Babes-on-Brooms) 

Desires of a Perfect Lady
Check out my review of this book!
The Elusive Bride (The Black Cobra Quartet) 

In Scandal They Wed
Check out my review of this book !

*Drama Queen swears by this book but once I opened it I'm not sure I'll even read it.. The structure of the writing bothers me and makes me immediately want to put it down vs read it.  DQ swears I'll get into it if I just give it a just give it a chance.. We shall see *


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               Happy Reading!!

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