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So I really suck at this book list thing.. I read them, I return them and then I think oohh sh*t, I forgot to put up a post about them.. uhmm... oops!

Lucky for you, I knew this would happen.. Alas at the time that I knew it would happen, I didn't have time to actually get on the computer to blog it.. Someone *coughDaddyChaoscough* has been hogging the computer lately.. He claims homework assignments.. homework is more important than me blogging?  I think not.

Anyway, I knew it would happen so I did what anyone would do.  I took pictures with my phone so I wouldn't forget the titles.  Smart, eh?  (Sometimes I pretend I'm Canadian so I can put  , eh? after all my sentences.. It's fun. )

With no further babbling, I give you the most recent book list from my nightstand.  Don't worry, I already have a new batch from the library!  Maybe someday someone will pay me to review books... that'd be an ideal job!  hmmm..

Ohh and just a warning- normally I do these before I read them, save it and go back to make comments.. This time it's assbackwards so I'm just putting up the list and not so much the comments.  Sorries!

Ohh and obviously I was catching up on some Christina Dodd.. <3 her :)

In My Wildest Dreams (Governess Brides, Book 4)

In My Wildest Dreams ~ Christina Dodd
***** Book 4 of the Governess Series.  If you love one, you'll love them all :)  I especially love reading series and Christina does a wonderful job incorporating the characters from the other books and constructing it all nicely in the same timeline.

Lost in Your Arms (Governess Bride, Book 5)

Lost in Your Arms ~ Christina Dodd
***** Book 5 of the Governess Series.  This one really I think is one of my favorites in the series!!

Just the Way You Are (Lost Texas Hearts, Book 1)Just The Way You Are ~ Christina Dodd
***** Book 1 of the Lost Texas Hearts series.
I absolutely love this series.. It just touches something in me. A family ripped apart.. Parents killed, children separated and sent as far apart as possible giving them little hope of reuniting.. But they won't give up- they will find each other!  Oh, and some romance put in as well..

Close to You (Lost Texas Hearts, Book 3) Close to You ~ Christina Dodd
*****  Book 3 of the Lost Texas Heart Series..
(somehow I read book 2 first- a long time ago and just now had the chance to read books 1 & 3.. lol)

Trouble in High Heels (Fortune Hunter) 
Trouble in High Heels~ Christina Dodd
***** I'm not sure why I'm even bothering to rate them because they were all 5*'s.. lol. A modern time romance which makes it harder for me to fall in love. I'm all about Dukes and Ladies,  England and Ireland... Counts and Countesses.  Once in a while modern time pull me in, this is one of those times.

 Some Enchanted Evening  

Some Enchanted Evening ~ Christina Dodd
**** Book 1 of The Lost Princesses Series.
Excellent :)

Ten Things I Love About You
Ten Things I Love About You
~ Julia Quinn
***** Book 3 of The Bevelstoke Series.
If I had to give ten things I love about Julia Quinn, well I'm not sure I'd stop.. I absolutely adore  her books.. If you haven't discovered her yet- please go do it!!   This series is to die for! Read them all!  Go now.. GO!!

If you want to check out the other books I've read lately check out these pages : Book list 1 and Book list 2. 

Happy Reading!!

Disclosure : All opinions are completely my own. I was not paid or reimbursed in any way for this post.


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