Desires of a Perfect Lady

Desires of a Perfect Lady
Author-  Victoria Alexander
Genre- Historical Romance (late 1800's England)
My Rating- ****

Olivia was all set to marry the Earl of Wyldewood only to have her dreams killed when she was forced to marry another.  Ten years later, she is free from the nightmare marriage but needs help to claim what is rightfully her inheritance.  The only person she can turn to is the man that abandoned her when she needed him most.

In this story we get to follow Olivia and Sterling (Early of Wyldewood) on their journey to Egypt and Italy as they attempt to complete three of her deceased husband's collections as a stipulation of his twisted will.  Sterling has learned the truth of Olivia's marriage to another man and vows to win back her love.  Will she be able to forgive him?

I greatly enjoyed this one.. If you read it, come back and tell me your opinion :)

Happy Reading!


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