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Welcome to the Unresisting book blitz hosted by itching for books. This is the first in a YA Supernatural trilogy.

15168751Series: The Unresisting #1
Release date: November 28th 2014
Purchase: Amazon

Synopsis via Goodreads:
Seventeen year old Natasha Johnson is having a rough year. Her twin brother, Sean, died last summer after a car crash, and her parents decided to pack up and leave the only home she’d known all her life. It's a lot to take in, and Nat has decidedly given up on the world, until moving to Stetson Valley and meeting high school ‘outcast’, Chace Owens.

Chace's dark and mysterious aura is not exactly seen as 'normal', but Nat already knows that not a lot of things are of the norm when it comes to her life. She soon finds herself unable to resist Chace's strange pull on her heart, unleashing a sudden attraction to the unnatural forces that have always been burning within her. But with uncovering her true self brings forth great danger, as Nat learns that her brother's death had a lot more to do with the side she's unable to resist.

Can Natasha calm the blazing flames and withstand the threat of danger, or will this new found power destroy her?

Shane Morgan is a bestselling author of contemporary romance, suspense, and urban fantasy. She lives in the beautiful town of Narragansett, Rhode Island with her amazing husband, who doesn't mind being surrounded by books, or inspiring the male characters in her stories. Aside from writing, Shane enjoys blogging, reading, listening to indie music and watching movies.


After releasing a long breath, Chace pulled back on the road and continued driving in silence.
I wanted so badly to clear the air. “Chace,” I started. “I—Ah!”
Something ran into us. The tires screeched against the asphalt. Chace tried to regain control of his Mustang, but it was no use. We flipped over.
Luckily, we were both wearing seatbelts. Safety first! Dad would be proud. Was it really the seatbelts that saved us, or the fact that we were both abnormal?
Stars danced before my eyes. I could hear Chace trying to free himself to get us out of the car.
“Nat, are you okay? There’s something—” his voice trailed. A loud bang resounded above our heads. Something pounded on the bottom, which was now the top since we were upside down. Whatever it was relentlessly hammered on the car.
Chace pried himself from the seat and got me loose. We managed to climb out my window, only seconds before the car got flung over to the other side of the road.
Our mouths opened wide in shock; it stood before us, eyes blood red with scales all over its arms and legs. A beast you couldn’t even describe as being straight out of a storybook, because such an ugly thing had never been portrayed before.
The beast growled, foam dripping from the corners of its mouth. It was gigantic. I almost pissed myself at the sight.
“What the hell is that?” I managed to ask.
Chace gripped my hand tightly and yelled, “Run!”
We darted into the woods, the beast right at our backs. We managed to put some distance between us as it crashed into trees and jerked itself. Still, it wouldn’t let up. It just kept coming.
We ran deep into the forest. I started panting. My right ankle ached. I made it a few more feet when my knees buckled and I fell.
Chace dropped down fast and tried pulling me up. “C’mon, Nat, it’s getting closer. Get up!” he shouted.
I couldn’t move. I was exhausted, emotionally and physically. My legs were cramping so much.
My throat felt parched and my voice came out rasped as I uttered, “I can’t.” I pushed him to go on. His grasp only tightened.
His eyes expanded. “Are you crazy? I’m not leaving you. Come on!” He pulled me up and I hopped with him over to a large redwood tree, nuzzling up to the crusty root as the beast drew close. I knew it was only a matter of time before it found us. My heart was beating so loud a deaf person could hear it.
I covered my mouth and pressed into Chace. We stood still as he wrapped his arms around my body in protective mode.
The beast stopped running and began searching the area, sniffing out our scents like a dog.
Great! It’s definitely going to find us now.
The grotesque-looking creature treaded up behind the tree where we hid. Chace and I crouched quietly, staring at each other, mystified.
Everything went really still, like the part of the movie where there was absolutely no music in the background, not even the sound of breathing, and you knew something was about to happen.
Unable to hear the beast at all, we gave each other a perplexed glance over. Then suddenly, it pushed its head around the tree and growled at us.
Instantly, Chace pushed me to the ground and flung himself over me. The beast raised a hand to stomp on him and I screamed, “No!”
Flames sprang out of my chest toward it. Its hand caught on fire and the beast backed away fast, snarling horridly and flashing its hand to put out the flames. I eased myself from beneath Chace and rose to my feet. He grabbed me.
“Nat, what are you doing?”
I brushed him off and edged closer to the beast. My insides filled with unbelievable power. It gave me such a rush. A desire I’d never felt before. I loved it. I yearned for more flames to appear, and obediently, my whole body lit up. This time it blazed more, so much more.
The beast spun around and made a low, guttural sound of anger at my presence. It charged at me, and I sent huge balls of fire from both my hands until its entire body was engulfed in flames. It groaned in agony and fell to the ground, creating an enormous tremor. Vibrations rushed the area, throwing me backwards. I tumbled to the ground as the beast exploded, showering the ground with burnt flesh.
When my flames finally cooled, my body was drenched in sweat. I stood, though I was exhausted.
Chace looked at me with amazement painted across his face. He started walking toward me. Before he could reach me, I became dizzy and collapsed right back to the ground.
Darkness awaited my return.



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#Review - Not Quite Forever by @catherinebybee #Contemporary #Giveaway

I am thrilled to be a part of Catherine's blog tour yet again.  I absolutely love her books and can't wait to get my greedy little paws on them!  Today we are here to talk about Not Quite Forever, book 4 in the Not Quite series.   Let's just jump right into it, shall we?

Catherine is one of those writers on par with Nora.  Yes, I am on first name basis with them both (in my head ... I'd be a stuttering mess should I ever meet either in person!).  She is the type of writer who's book you want to snuggle up in front of the fire with a blanket and your puppy (because my puppy loves to snuggle!) and read all night long.  She manages to give us that happily ever after that we all dream about, yet throws enough twists and turns into it to make us really appreciate it when we get there!   Not Quite Forever is another one of those books.  I hold a special place in my heart (and library) for any book in the Not Quite series as this is the first series I ever read of Catherine's and it got me hooked.  I've read every single book she's published since and most of them before they were published! lol!

In NQF,  we finally get Dr Walt's story!  I've been waiting and wondering if we would read more about the good doctor since we first met him.  Walt and Dakota (famous super-successful romance author) meet at a hotel hosting both a romance conference and a medical convention when there is a mix-up and both are booked to give speeches in the same room. The sparks, they are a flyin' and for a romance writer who only writes other people's happily ever after it looks like she might finally get hers.  Naturally, Walt gets spooked (because when you have too much of a good thing, of course something is going to go wrong.  Ugh, MEN!) and bails.  When he finally realizes that he messed up what should have been his very own happily ever after, he will be forced to track Dakota down and work his tail off winning her back and proving that he is in it for the long haul this time!   Meddling unsupportive mothers notwithstanding, our couple will eventually get their perfect ending!  It's the road that gets us there that makes the story and Catherine is well versed in making sure it's a good one!

Realistic and loveable characters will make you fall for this installment in the series!  I highly recommend the entire series but book reads fine as a standalone.  Now I will sit and wait .. and stalk Catherine until she gets me either the next Weekday Bride book or the next Not Quite book ...  I'm happy with either, I'm easy like that!   Until then, I'm going to focus on making friends with the Morrisons & Fairchilds - free swanky hotel rooms and private flights when I need?? Yes,please !

Check out my reviews of the rest of the series here, here and here. Be sure to enter the awesome giveaway below because Catherine, she knows how to do a giveaway !!

Not Quite Forever
(Not Quite series, Book 4)
by:  Catherine Bybee

Publication:  Montlake Romance (Nov. 4, 2014)
ISBN:  1477825894
Length:  322 pages
Genres:  Contemporary Romance


 The touching and heartwarming fourth novel in the wildly popular Not Quite series from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Bybee.

Romance author Dakota Laurens believes that happily-ever-afters exist only between the covers of her sexy novels.  But to her surprise, she finds a real-life hero when she meets a handsome emergency room doctor.  The outspoken author feels an instant and intense attraction to Dr. Walt Eddy, and the feeling is mutual.  When the globetrotting doctor pulls a disappearing act on Dakota, she's prepared to write him off ... until fate brings a blindsiding twist to her story.

Still scarred from a past tragedy, Walt may have disappeared on Dakota, but now he's determined to win her back.  For the first time in years, he knows he's ready for a new chance at love.  Yet between Dakota's doubts and two sets of meddling parents, can the once-blissful couple finally create the bright, loving future they desperately want?

Praise for Not Quite FOrever

"Bybee's magnetic fourth Not Quite contemporary proves that romance can happen in the most unlikely places...  The love scenes are sizzling and the multi-dimensional characters make this a page-turner.  Readers will look for earlier installments and early anticipate new ones." - Publishers Weekly

"Not Quite Forever is Catherine Bybee at her finest : true-to-life characters on a wild and wonderful path toward their happily ever after."  - Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Tracy Brogan


Buy it : 

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New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee was raised in Washington State, but after graduating high school she moved to Southern California in hopes of becoming a movie star.  After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms.  She now writes full-time and has penned the Weekday Brides series and the Not Quite series.  Bybee lives with her husband and two teenage sons in Southern California.

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Don't Let Me Fall by @BrianaPacheco20 #NA #Romance #Giveaway

Don't Let Me Fall
by :  Briana Pacheco

Publication:  December 4, 2014

Genres:   New Adult,  Romance


A New Adult romance stand-alone novel.

I don't want to be here.

When you lose the one person that was your whole life, you'll understand.  For me, it was my best friend, Alice.  We spent every second of every together.  We planned a life.  I was actually living. I was happy.

Now, it's just gone.

And I'm still here.  Lonely.  A tatted up body with an empty soul.

Getting inside of my head won't be pretty.  I'm warning you now that you won't like me.  I hate people besides my family.  I hate everything around me.  I just want to be alone. And I HATE how Logan Mercer doesn't understand that. He's everywhere; getting inside of my head, kissing me wen he shouldn't be, messing everything up, and trying to get me to open up.  He's making me crazier than I already am. Why do I need to talk about my life?  Why doesn't he even care?

Why doesn't anyone understand that I don't want to get attached to people?  I don't want to get fixed.

I want to be alone.

I want to be free.

I want to fly.

My name is Rebeckah Lennox and this is my story ... of how I fell.

Warning :  Due to heavy subject matter, strong language, possible triggering descriptions of self-harm and some sexual situations this book is not recommended for anyone under the age of 17.

              Buy it soon :  Amazon

He held out his hand again and I took it.
Logan sat down on the stool and pulled the handle.
The reels started rotating. And I started biting my nails. God, what is happening to me? I don’t bite my nails.
Jackpot. Jackpot. Cherry.
“Told you.” I said, my old mood making a comeback when I realized that bear is not coming home with me.
“Two jackpots,” Bozo said. “You get another go. Remember, man, this is the last one.” He glanced at me and smirked. “I think you’re going home empty-handed.”
“I’d say you’re reading your own future, buddy,” Logan said. “The girls are loving the bozo wig.” He deadpanned. I couldn’t help but laugh and so did the crowd a couple feet behind us.
Bozo rolled his eyes and waved us the all clear.
“I need more luck.” Logan said, his eyes glowed bluer than I’ve ever seen them. What could I possibly do for more luck?
“What? Should I blow you right now?” I joked.
His jaw twitched as his eyes fell to my mouth. God, I’m tempted to do it now. I don’t care that there are people watching. I should have kept my mouth shut.
Logan leaned into me, his lips touching mine.
“You have to believe it,” he whispered. I can’t think about anything besides his lips on mine. Fuck. He’s really distracting.
He can win the bear. I though. Please win the bear.
He pressed his lips into mine as his free hand pulled the handle again. When he let it go, he slipped his hand out of mine and placed both on my hips, deepening the kiss.
Win the fucking bear!
Win the fucking bear!
I’m so lost right now. Logan is breaking down my walls by crashing through. He’s making me want something. He’s making me want him. And I don’t know how I should feel about it.
“Feeling lucky?” Logan asked finding my eyes. I just nodded. My words are trapped in my throat waiting for his tongue to take them.
We turned and stared at the reels rotating.
Jackpot. Jackpot…

Briana Pacheco hates referring to herself in third person so let's start off with I'm the author of the Enough Trilogy, Don't Let me Fall, and many more books to come in the future.  I'm from Boston and a wannabe explorer so one day I'll travel the world.  So far, that's only happening when I write but I"m not giving up just yet.  I love coffee, music and books, and I have an obsession with tattoos and accents.  Sadly, I have neither so I make my characters have them instead.  I'm an avid reader and if I'm not writing, you'll find me with a book (or Kindle) in my hands.  I love hearing from readers about anything so please don't be shy and stalk me.

Stalk her here:

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