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Way back , a long time ago  I had this brilliant idea to start writing down the book titles that I read.. It took a few minutes to realize that the only safe place [safe= somewhere that wont get colored on, chewed on, thrown away or eaten] to put it was on my blog.

Sure I realize you have no interest in books I may or may not read but alas I've gotta put it somewhere for my own sanity so you're stuck with it..  Feel free to look on past!

Attitude King prompted my most recent trip to the library.  I had borrowed a few books , let him read them & then thought  I had returned them all.. And then the phone rings to let me know that I have an over due book.. oops.  So off we go, quickly sneaking out of the house before anyone else sees us and begs to come along.

I have updated my library book searching procedure since the last time.. My library has an online catalog that I can search and save books I want on my own 'list'.  Yay!  So I now try doing that ahead of time then when I get to the library my list can at least lead me.   In the end I snatched up 9 books and Attitude King found 1..  Clearly I win.

*side note- I have made several trips and read several dozen books between this post and my last book post, alas it can't be helped.. I will have to try harder to keep putting these meaningless to you posts up when I read a new book.

My Book List :

Almost Like Being in Love ~ Christina Dodd
***** Absolutely love Christina Dodd to pieces and this book was no exception. She's a fabulous author and always entertains me.  I have several others of her on my waiting list to go check out later :)

Mad, Bad and Blonde- Cathie Linz
**** This one was an impulse pick. I've never read the author before but I must say it was wonderful. I was thoroughly entertained and read it in one afternoon, then I promptly went online to search more of her titles at my library!

Can You Keep A Secret-
* Only one star because I realized I already read this one & had to set it aside.. The first chapter was not captivating enough to pull me back into it a second time around.  Good but not good enough when I have 8other books waiting on me.

The Untamed Bride - Stephanie Laurens
** I've read a few others from this author and really liked her when I was in the appropriate mood.  I admit that I didn't read this one because it starts off too slow for me and again, I had several other books waiting on me. I'm sure if I could have gotten into it I would have enjoyed it but it wasn't worth it to me to spend more time trying so hard to like it.

Breathless- Dean Koontz
** Not my fav. but I tend to think it's because I was in a mood not bc it's a bad book! Lol! It's tendency to alternate between too many different various point of views bugged me. I guess I was in the mood for simple?

Frankenstein Book 1~ Prodigal Son - Dean Koontz
*****  Awesome read.. The chinese specialty food scene still gives me the shivers.. Ewww. If you wanna know what I'm talking about- go read it!

Frankenstein Book 2~ City of Night- Dean Koontz
*****  Loved It!  Enough said


Frankenstein Book 3~ Dead and Alive - Dean Koontz
***** Just go read them.. Trust me!

Lavender Morning-Jude Deveraux

**** This one was a great book. Dual love stories without getting complicated and confusing. An extra benefit was that Drama Queen could read them as well (ie. no *ahem* inappropriate scenes).   This has spurred Drama Queen to go on a library search for all Jude Deveraux books :)

Happy Reading !   Be sure to let me know if you actually read any of the books and how you liked them :)


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