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I have been proofreading for a small group of indie authors for the past few years.  I have decided it's time to branch out and start working with others!  This is where you come in!  I would so love to work with you !  Read more about what I do and contact me below for a quote :)

Proofreading is an important part of the process of making a book.  Unfortunately it's a step that it seems many authors are skipping.  I can't begin to tell you the sheer number of BIG time authors that I read only to find typos and other mistakes in them.  This drives me absolutely insane!

But I check my own work several times, I don't need a proofreader. 

While checking your own work is great, you become blind to the typos and mistakes. The more you read your own work, the more you are reciting it from memory vs actually reading it with fresh eyes looking for mistakes.  This is where you need a me! I can look through your work and find all those silly little oops that you missed!

I don't need a proofreader. I used spellcheck! 

 As much as I love spellcheck it's not fool proof. It's quite possible that you spelled the word right but simply typed the wrong word.  For example - OF instead of IF.  It might be spelled correctly but it wasn't the correct word that you wanted to use.

As a proofreader I offer the following services :

  • Misspelled words
  • Typos
  • Punctuation and grammar errors
  • Missing or incorrect words , as well as mistakenly duplicated words
  • Misapplied or inconsistent tenses

There are times when I will also makes comments if the dialogue doesn't flow properly. Heck I'm all about making comments- do with them what you will :)

I should stress that proofreading should be the absolute last stage of your book's journey to publishing. By no means do you want to have your work proofread and then go back and do major rewrites which could result in more errors.

I would love to work with you on your manuscript!

Contact me at :   and put Proofreading in the subject.    Please include the page and word counts and I can give you an estimate of the timeline and pricing.
Note - current pricing is $1/page (250words) plus paypal charges.

A sampling of Books I've worked on :


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