Lemon's aren't just for lemonade anymore !

According to a 2010 study by Bibbins-Domingo, if every American reduced his or her daily sodium intake by 400milligrams we could prevent  32,000 heart attacks, 20,000 strokes and 28,000 deaths every year!  Seems easy enough right?   I , like many people, don’t always eat the best.   I love salty French fries, greasy food, and chocolate.. Please don’t forget the chocolate.

But I’m trying to learn to eat better.  It’s a work in progress.

Sunkist has introduced the concept of replacing your salt with lemon.  Unique idea, huh?  They’ve launched their own website to help everyone learn more about this new S’alternative .

 Go on, check it out. I’ll wait…

 Done? Good!

 Now tell me what you think?  Are you willing to try this new option? Are you willing to at least attempt reducing your sodium intake with me? I have a father who has had a heart attack as well as a stroke.. You can believe I’m sending him a link to this post! I also have two heart kiddos myself and need to keep the entire family healthy. We’re all trying to learn to eat better, this seems like an easy step to me!

Sunkist is also hosting a recipe contest! Yay! I love contests! Go there and submit a recipe- the prizes are AWESOME! Your recipe can be an appetizer, salad, main course or even a sauce (I love sauces!) that’s sodium-free or low in sodium while featuring Sunkist lemons. Grand Prize is a $1,000 grocery gift card!  So go enter the contest and if you’re feeling really nice, come back and post your recipe here! I can always use good recipe ideas :-)

Disclaimer : I wrote this blog post at the request of Sunkist, making me eligible to get $10 in free Sunkist Lemons.


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