Book List 2

Apparently summer time is reading time for Momma.. I don't know how in the world I manage to actually read with 6kids at home on Summer Break but they do seem to entertain each other some :)  It's that or I use reading as an escape and need to escape more in the summer?? hmm..

Today, I ran to the library to return a few books from last time and because I'm a meanie mom, I didn't let either big kid come in with me.. You see school is getting ready to start next week.. When school is in session, I tend to try and limit trips to the public library because otherwise they leave their books at school (normally in their lockers) and constantly forget to bring them home which leads to whining. ugh.

Today's list I highly recommend.. In fact, I recommend anything by this author as I've yet to go wrong..

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever ~ Julia Quinn
 *****+*  Book 1 of  The Bevelstoke Series.
One of my all time favorites.. I've read Julia Quinn before but it's been a while.. Once I picked this one up, I could not put it down. It's wonderful! The one thing that makes it a favorite to me is that she didn't just end it... There are a few places where most authors would have ended the story and just said "And they lived happily ever after" but Ms. Quinn went above and beyond.. I was fully satisfied when the story ended, not sitting there wishing for just a little bit more.  To give my highest praise, I would re-read this one over and over!

On The Way To The Wedding ~ Julia Quinn

*****Yet another great book.  I'm left to wonder how often the author writes about real life and just sets it back in a historical time. A book about true love and how it feels when you meet the person of your dreams and just know in an instant that they are "the one".. or maybe not.  Our hero realizes his initial mistake and quickly falls in love for real.   My heart thumps. A nice addition is the setting.. I , for one, have always wanted to live in England back in the ages of  Lords & Ladies.

It's In His Kiss ~ Julia Quinn
***** I am beginning to think that I will just start repeating my praise with each additional book.. But alas I <3 Julia Quinn..  I always fall immediately in love with the characters (it helps that she does so many related books- a story for each sibling, ect) and can't wait to read more.  This is definitely an author that I'd like to add to my list of keeps vs borrows!

Happy Reading and as always, be sure to let me know if you go out and read any of the books!!


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