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I don't know about you but I am all about condensing.  I am a closet hoarder so every once in a while I go thru and condense things.  Sure it's not really purging but more like re-arranging in a more orderly fashion.

One thing I'm horrible at is keeping track of the zillions of cards I have.  Library cards, pharmacy cards, grocery store reward cards, and most of all gift cards.  Now don't get me wrong- I love them all. I just tend to re-organize and then *forget* where I might have put them.  Sure I can find a few here & there but I'm always missing the one I really need.  Or worse, a gift card gets buried in the back and *gasp* doesn't get used!

So I love it when I find cool apps for my Droid that help me manage these things. I have apps for everything! Don't believe me? Let's list them! :
  • an app that calculates my tip when I'm eating out
  • an app that has a copy (that can be scanned-yes!) of my keychain cards
  • an app that lets me madly throw little demented birds at pigs that I can only assume finally ate something that turned their stomachs
  • an app that lets me put little sticky notes all over my phone in a vain attempt to remember something.. anything!!
My latest app is SWAGG .

What is SWAGG, other than a cool name for an app?   It's an app to help you reorganize your overcluttered wallet!  You can load all your gift cards, loyalty points, ect onto this app using your iPhone or Android.   Yay! No more lost or forgotten gift cards.  Seriously, I am the only one that does that?

The sad stuff:
Swagg is only available for US Residents with Apple or Droid mobile devices.

The good stuff :
For every download in the month of December, Swagg will donate $1 to Stand Up 2 Cancer!
*Sorry for the short notice my peeps, download quickly! It's a good cause!

So recapping- download it to keep track of all your cards AND help a good cause. Go ahead and download it now, then you can add all your gift cards that you get for the holidays ! Works for me :)

*Disclosure-  All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.  I did receive a gift card in order to try out the service.*

Happy Holidays!!


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