Tis the season!

It's that time of year.. Halloween is over and it seems like all the sudden everyone is dashing around to do their Christmas shopping.

More importantly, it's time for Holiday cards!

Way back when in the day when we had just Drama Queen & Attitude King, I used to buy regular Christmas cards then go get the kids pictures done and stuff the pictures into the cards.  Ha, who does that anymore?

Now, I tend to order Christmas cards online and have the pictures (normally that I take because heck I'm always taking pictures, might as well use them!) put directly on the cards. It just seems simpler to upload pictures and create my own cards, plus then I get exactly what I want.

So I've been browsing Shutterfly's offerings this holiday season. I think I've narrowed it down to 1 or 10.. lol.. It's hard to pick just one that I am deeply in love with.  On the first page alone, I can find 3-4 that I love.  To limit myself, I only viewed the folded cards.. I can't imagine if I looked at ALL of the options.

I've decided that you guys should help.. Vote in the comments for your favorite (of my favorites) card that you think I should pick this year!  *samples are not my family but the default family that Shutterfly has in their advertising.*    I promise to come back and share my real card once it's done! :)



And then just to mix things up.. I also had to take a peek at the birth announcements.  The boys are being adopted this month and all.  I found one that I think is absolutely adorable and could possibly be customized properly to work for a double adoption (as long as the top words can be changed, which I haven't checked yet)...
cute, right?!
So many cards, so little time.. Vote and tell me your favorites ;)  Momma needs some help!

*Disclosure : I am being compensated with 50free cards from Shutterfly for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.  Also - all card images were taken from Shutterfly's website and are property of them.

                     With love, 


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