Celebrating Adoption @ Disney -update

It's been a little while since we've updated the whole Pocket Change to Disney Adoption Celebration fund..  Mainly because there's just not been a lot to say.  We dump our change in the jar but have had to *ahem* borrow from the fund a time or two.  School books, cold weather & everyone needing more warm clothes because everyone has outgrown every freakin thing they owned from last year..  You get the picture.

Finally I have an update- albeit a small one.  We have advanced from $161.11 to $190.05.  Yeah, not much but it'd look like a lot more if you take into account that I stripped the account clean and built it back up again.. lol!

I just checked in and found out that we have $9 coming from August sign ups to the HauteLook program (<~~~left sidebar of family blog, come on you know you wanna).  That means three of you registered for an account! You are AWESOME!  Thanks so much !  Reports for September aren't out yet so I don't know if anyone signed up then yet. Anyhoo, when that check comes, I'll be tossing it directly into the Disney 2011 fund! yay!  Remember, if you haven't already registered -it's free and it gives me $3 for every person the registers. You don't have to buy anything! You do have to click on the link (see sidebar on family blog) though in order for me to get credit !  All $$ goes directly into the Disney Adoption Celebration Fund :)

Dream Big !!


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