Love Letters From A Duke

Author: Elizabeth Boyle
Genre: Historical Romance ~ 1800's England 
My Rating:  ****½

Elizabeth Boyle is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.  I absolutely love this series.  This one is the first in a series which I accidentally skipped right onto the second (Confessions of a Little Black Dress ) without even knowing it.  Definitely put it on your list to go read!

In this romance, we meet Felicity Langley who is lovingly dubbed "Duchess".  Felicity keeps a meticulous journal of eligible bachelors and sets about some matchmaking, her own included.    When she decides that the future Duke of Hollindrake is who she should marry, she sets out to gain his attention by writing him letters.  After years of letters and being almost engaged, he finally shows up in London.  Little does she know that she has really been corresponding with his grandfather (now deceased) and her almost fiancee has been off to war.  Thatcher is fresh from war and finds himself practically betrothed to a complete stranger. He immediately goes to her home to call it off, only to be mistaken for a new footman and put to work.

It's refreshing to watch them fall in love. Felicity is determined to marry a duke and yet is feeling drawn to her own footman.  Life isn't always what you expect.  

 As always, if you get this one please come back and tell me what you thought!

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