Oops.. more on helping a Momma out

In the last post  I asked you all to go back to my home blog and click on the HauteLook widget to register.. No cost to you, you don't have to buy anything just register..  Each registration gives me $3 to put towards my Adoption Celebration @ Disney Fund !

And then one of my lovely buddies went to do it & got confused.. So I went thru the steps and got confused..

So the updated results are how you really have to do it.. Sorries peeps.. It's Two clicks..

So to apologize for it and make things a tiny bit simpler, I'm putting a widget right here!

So click on the above widget which will then take you to the BlogHer Big Deal page.. You should still see the widget or something that looks similar to the one above.  Click the Buy Now and it will take you to the HauteLook website where you can register.  You do not have to actually "buy now" anything.. If you see something you want- go for it.  I just ask for your registrations!

Thanks peeps! I really appreciate it :)



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