Need your help

I have a new affiliate program going on that I'd love some help with :)  Due to restrictions on my current ad network, I can't discuss it on the normal blog but you all love me enough to click back and forth right?!

So I promised you some ways to help the Disney fund grow without any cost to you.. Thanks for clicking over to read :)

1.Go back to the home blog and look on the left hand side.. You should see a lovely HauteLook widget (directly under the Disney Adoption Fund pic).. Click on that widget (clicking on my widget is the only way to guarantee that I get credit) and register with them.. I get paid by registration- not by purchases.. If you see something you want to buy, then by all means go for it.. But all I need is your registration!

For each registration, I am going to put the money gained directly into the Disney Adoption Celebration fund!! So this is a way to help the fund grow with no cost to you :)

 2. If you are planning a trip to Disney or Universal yourself, click on one of my affiliate links on the home blog and book thru them.. It's a great agency & yep, I get a small cut.  It'll go directly to the Disney Adoption Celebration fund :)

3. If you feel so inclined, you are welcome to donate your pocket change to toss it into our jar as well :)

Come on, group hug!!  Love you guys :)


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