Five Lessons Every Kid Should Learn

Being a mom of 6 kids there seems to be a never ending supply of things that you need to teach them.. From potty training, to tying their shoes.. The list goes on and on.. Being asked to compile just FIVE lessons, hmprh.. it's difficult to reduce down to five especially when you are gifted with the power of blab. Alas, rules are rules and I try to follow them.

So my top Five most important lessons that every kid should learn :

1. Love. Love always tops everything and has to be #1 on the list. A child needs to know that no matter what a parent's love is unconditional. Sure we get mad at the things you do, but we always love you. Since Southern Darlin' joined our family, this one sticks out alot to me.. She spent 3years of her life not knowing love, her adjustment to us is doing well but you can still see it in her eyes.. She's amazed that we put up with her.. She's amazed that we could still love her even when she's naughty. Love is the most important lesson.

2. Respect. I'm a firm believer in kids respecting their elders, their parents and heck even their siblings. Respect goes a long way. If I had my way, all kids would still do as most southern kids do and call everyone Ma'am & Sir.. Or Miss Kelly. Respect for parents means following the rules that are set forth (normally for your own darn good). Respect for our siblings- hello, please don't break your sister's toy just because she has one , you don't and she didn't want to share right this second. It's not nice, causes hard feelings and normally fighting ensures which then makes Momma have to yell and we're back to respecting your parents and not making Momma scream!

3. Be Proud.. Be proud of who you are.. Be yourself. Don't give into peer pressure. Feel comfortable in your own skin. You are wonderful just how you are.. And if I gave birth to you (Attitude King & Drama Queen, I'm talking to YOU) don't you dare point out things that just "aren't good enough". I spent 10months creating your life, 14 & 23hrs in labor giving birth to you.. You are as perfect as they come and it's how you are supposed to be.. I don't do things halfway. Dissing yourself is like dissing my motherhood skills so step off!

4. Be Happy. Life is short, don't dwell on the past. Learn from your mistakes and move on. If you can't do anything about a worry, then tuck it away and just be happy. Happiness is contagious :)

5. The Golden Rule - Do unto others... I am always asking the kids- how would you feel if XX did that to you? Let's try to treat each other the way we want to be treated. It's a very important lesson to learn and apply to life..

6. (cuz I never can follow rules) - Family.. Family is so important.. Friendships come and go but your family is there for life. Love them, respect them, take care of one another. Having a large family makes me as a Mom feel happy, relieved, secure.. When Daddy Chaos and I are long gone, my kids will still have their siblings..

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