Glue Dots Fun

My little kids, they are a bit off.. If I hadn't brought two of them home straight from the hospital, I'd have sworn somebody dropped them when they were babies.  [ I kid, I kid!!] They LOVE school.  Sure the 4 & 5yr old have only done preschool where you go for 3hrs, play with friends , have recess & snack.. but still..

School has been out for weeks now and everyday 4,5 &6yr olds are bugging me.. Let's do some school work! Let's do PROJECTS..

I'm sorry.. I'm a bad mommy.  I admit that I'm not an artsy kind of person.  I don't do crafts. When the little kids have projects, I put the big kids in charge of helping.. If the big kids have projects, Daddy Chaos helps..  I don't do crafts.

And now I have 3 little kids who want Momma to do crafts with them.. Ahh it's killing me! So when I was offered the opportunity [twittermoms has a contest going on, go read about it here. please and thank you! ] to try Glue Dots, I thought sure.. Anything that's not messy.  See, I love crafts. I just detest the mess of them.. And take that mess and multiple it times six , and well you see why I don't do crafts.

When the package came [we all know how much I love getting packages], I admit I gleefully opened it up and played with it just a bit.. Without the kids.   Drama Queen immediately wanted to steal them and go hang posters but I quickly established my claim.  MINE. Then I went to look around at the Glue Dots facebook fan page [side note- I need to get me one of those.. when I have fans, that is.]  to cheat   see what everyone else was doing get ideas. 

In the end, we decided to use our blogging experience to make presents for Cowie.. You see she LOVES Monkeys and I just happened to find a cute monkey craft :) 

 First we colored..  Ok they colored and I took pictures.. ahem.

Spoiled Princess loved getting to do it all by herself!
And Momma loved -- No mess on my table!!

Southern Darlin' had a slight bit of a meltdown when she failed to follow coloring directions and then insisted that she get a new monkey head [uh, no sorry] but once I gave her the Glue Dots dispenser (mini's were used in this case) she was over it.  Like * that! 

Everyone was happy with their finished products.. So much so that they now aren't sure they really want to give them to Cowie.. ha.  Drama Queen felt that she hadn't done her hair in an appropriate blog viewing manner today yet still wanted a picture of her monkey put up.. That is why she's hiding behind the monkey- in case you were wondering :)

All in all, we had a great time with this project!  No mess- which makes Momma happy & do it yourself- which thrilled the little kids to death!   Plus, those little dots are sticky!!  We didn't have to use a ton and therefore have many Many left for future projects..  Lord help me now!  

Disclaimer :  I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Glue Dots blogging contest to be eligible to receive a $30 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.


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