Finally.. my addiction :)

*Spoiler Alert- I may or may not reveal things that you would not know if you haven't read the book or seen the movie.. I can't be held in by rules, so take the warning. *

Yes I whipped my phone out and snapped this.. ha. I'm a rebel.

Let me start at the beginning..  I've seen all three movies (multiple times) and read all four books.  I <3 the books..  I <3 Eclipse..  I can admit that the first movie (Twilight) wasn't the best. Whether it was directing or what, it had a 'b-movie' quality.  I liked it... but only because I loved the book, kwim?    Then New Moon came along..  It was better.  Book 2 was my least favorite of the series.  It was painful with Edward being away for most of the book/movie, me being Team Edward and all.. Still I felt the movie was trying to do better than the first one.    And then, then we come to Eclipse..

I won't even compare to the books because we all know that in every case I can think of the books are always better.  It's hard to get everything in a very long book  into a 2hr movie.  I feel that I can safely say that Eclipse could stand alone.  It was a great movie! Excellent fight scenes, love triangle galore..  and naturally Jacob was shirtless in MOST of the movie..  He's hot, I don't care who you are.  And because I'm super dedicated to you, I went to the movie not once but twice! 

Daddy Chaos and I went together the first time..  Daddy was kind enough to wipe my drool up and not even make snide comments afterwards (that I could hear). I am fully Team Edward but damn that werewolf has a nice body.. Sure he's half my age but if you're gonna put him on the screen for 90% of the time without a shirt on, expect me to drool..  After the movie, I couldn't remember a single scene where Jacob had his shirt on but Daddy Chaos quickly pointed out 3-4 times (party pooper).   

Since Daddy Chaos made me get up and leave the theater rather than sit thru another showing, I took Drama Queen & Attitude King to see it the next day. I tried to count the number of times that Jacob had his shirt on but the shirtlessness distracted me and I lost count. Sorry. 

Seriously though, they left a few things out from the books but I thought that it was a fair representation.. They managed to put what really HAD to be in there to make it work. With each movie, they seem to get closer and closer to holding true with the books which makes me happy :) 

I could go on about the graphics and the excellent newborn fight scenes (my ears still cringe at the screeching sound of vampires being torn apart) but I already went on and on about Jacob's hot body so really that's all the incentive you need right?  Drama Queen was turned to Team Jacob with New Moon and the reveal of the hot bod..  I held my ground..  I still hold my ground on Team Edward territory but I can look , right?    

If you don't go see it for Jacob's abs or Edwards cool handsomeness , at least go see it for Jasper.. FINALLY, Jasper gets to say more than one sentence at a time. I've always been one for accents and I could completely fall for Jasper just listening to him talk.  And now as I re-read book 4 , I automatically slow down and read his parts as if he were speaking them to me..  :sigh: 

Since this didnt' really turn out to be a real review of the movie Eclipse but more of a  "I love Edward but Jacob is H.O.T. and omg have you heard Jasper speak" rambling, perhaps you should just go see it yourself and come back to tell me your favorite parts!!

Is it when Jasper is explaining the newborn wars of his earlier times and says "Ma'am" to Alice ?  melting...

Is it when Jacob comes into the tent to see Bella freezing and makes the comment "Face it, I'm hotter than you. "   and the entire audience laughs or sighs in agreement (happened both times I went..lol.. See everyone thinks he's hot..)

Or is it when Edward proposes and Bella finally accepts.. how romantic.


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