A tale of discrimination and disgust

We in the Kingdom of Chaos love our eating out.  Mind you, I try to be frugal about it.. Or at least as frugal as one can be while eating out with 8 people.  We tend to use coupons, join all the eClubs, share meals and go on days when kids eat free (my favorites!).  When I say eating out, I don't mean the Golden Arches (gag) or other fast food.. I like my sit down type restaurants. 

One of our frequent stops (once a month or so) used to be Smokey Bones (also known as the Spicy bean place by Spoiled Princess, which has always confused me as their beans are very sweet not spicy at all.. but whatever). I'm sure you noticed I said used to be..  Now I know you shouldn't judge a place on one single incident but every once in a while someone pisses you off just enough that you say "Screw it. I'm done." This is what happened to us when we last attempted to go for dinner.

Let's go back a moment -
Daddy Chaos went in to put our names down while I wrangled the kids and captured thrown shoes to re-shoe them and threaten them that we were going out to eat dammit and they'd better behave theirselves got the kids out of the van. I admit, it takes a minute or five to get all the kids out of the car fully dressed and lined up to walk inside.  So as we finally approached the door, Daddy Chaos was on his way out and said we were leaving.  Ugh, pack the kids back up again. 

Apparently this is how it went inside:

DaddyChaos:  How long is the wait?

YoungSnottyServer:  35 mins.. I need your name & # in the party.

DC:  Chaos and 8 - 2 adults , 6kids.

YSS:   EIGHT?  *insert eyeroll*  Can you split up?

DC: No, we can't break up. We have only 2 adults and 6 kids.. Normally when we are in they just put two tables together or give us a table & booth right next to each other.

YSS: *eyes now rolling constantly* Ohh, well the wait for 8 is 2hrs 35mins

 Somehow I don't feel I'm completely carrying across the attitude and pure disrespect.. The way she insinuated that 6kids was ridiculous and we shouldn't think of going there.  Daddy Chaos was fuming, heck I was pretty ticked just hearing it from him. How dare she!  There is no way you can ever convince me that it would take an entire 2hours longer to seat us than anyone else.. Sure I can see an extra little bit but TWO HOURS?   Oh please.. 

I have contacted them about this situation and will update you if I get a response.. While I know nothing will really happen and I'll most likely get an automated response, it just irritated me & I'm in the mood to witch about it.  Please note that I do love their food and normally have a good experience but this one in particular disgusted me enough to turn me off completely.   Go , eat and be merry but not if you have a large family.


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