Winter's Passage- a book review

When I was offered the opportunity to review a teen harlequin novella, I was thrilled!  First of all, I didn't even know that Harlequin did teen books (where have I been?)! Also, I've been looking for more books that have the romance factor but are appropriate for Drama Queen*.  I am an avid reader and read a wide array of genres.. I do admit that the smutty romance pulls me in time and time again.. Drama Queen has finally realized that joy that a good book can bring and is always asking me if  my books is good and can she please read it..  Uhmm, yes it's good but not appropriate for your age.. Sorry dear.  So it thrills me to finally have a new place to look for appropriate yet attention grabbing books for her to read!

Winter's Passage hit my need head on.  It was an engrossing read- which I loved, yet tame enough for me to allow Drama Queen to read it as well.. I decided since the book is geared towards teens (although I also liked it and will be reading the rest of the series! lol) , I would let Drama Queen write her own little review as well!   In my opinion, it's everything I look for in a book..

Drama Queen's Review :

I love reading romance novels. When my mom told me about this little 'clip' I had to read it. So finally I started to read it, and I was instantly hooked.  This is the kind of thing I love to read, especially since I'm a teen myself.  I could really connect with the characters emotionally.  I know how they feel and I just couldn't believe that it seemed so real (even if they are part faery).  The characters love touched my heart in a way that I didn't know was possible.  My favorite character would have to be the half-faery princess. I loved the way her character acted. She was someone I could really connect with and understand why she did what she did.  I can't wait to buy The Iron King  so I can find out what has happened before this 'clip'. I will definitely tell all of my friends about this series, because I know they would also love it like I will.  I'm so excited for the rest of the books to come out!

and there you have it.. Recommended by both Mother & Daughter.. That in itself is a difficult task :)


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