I had to do it..

It's an addiction..

I just couldn't resist no matter how hard I tried.

I kept telling myself No.. Wait.. You can hold out..  DONT DO IT..

But then I saw the Eclipse background while I was background surfing.. and since June 29th is the date, well I had to have it..

And I know, I know.. You're saying Momma.. Momma, this is NOT a review.. But I do plan on reviewing the utterly awesome movie (or at least it'd better be or Momma might go psychotic on them all) once I get to view it..  Daddy Chaos has graciously agreed that since he missed his birthday date , he would instead like to go out.. just us to see Eclipse..  Have I told you lately how I < 3 that man?   When brought up that the big kids are dying to see it as well, he immediately said "Well I guess we'll have to go twice!"..  ha! That's my style.. So in a few weeks, Twilight Mania will be hitting this blog..

Is anyone else a Twilight Addict?? Tell me, Team Edward or Team Jakob??


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