Harry Potter Wand, WHAT?!

The lovely peeps over at  Destinations in Florida are having an awesome contest that I'm sure you all wanted to know about.. And if you aren't really interested, go sign up anyway and give the prize to me :)  cuz you love me so much, right?!

Anyhoo, they are giving away a limited edition Harry Potter Wand...  Come on, I know you're all HP freaks like me my kids.. right??     You are even going to get a super cool "official" box to keep it in for when you're not out pretending you have secret magical powers..  not that I'd do that or anything.. *ahem*

 See, pretty cool huh?!

So what do you do?? Go to their blog and read the official rules but to break it down quickly here :

1. Tweet it
2. Sign up for their HP newsletter
3. Comment on their blog post..
4. Make your own blog post about it :)

No go do it.. Win that awesome wand.. ooh wait, I want to win it.. hmm.. Maybe I shouldn't have told you about it??


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