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As most of you know if you read my family blog, Drool Prince is a bit of a special needs kiddo. I hate to use that term because quite honestly what one person thinks of as special needs, another does not. Perhaps I should say he's medically challenged?  Anyways, as a parent I've always worried. I'm pretty sure that's something that's programed into you when you become a parent -" Congratulations!! *you will worry non-stop for the rest of your natural life*"

I know all of his medical history and can spout it off at the drop of a hat, so in an emergency- dude, I'm there.. But I also worry about things like- what if we're in a car accident & I'm unconscious.. Who's going to tell them that he has asthma.. allergies.. and a pacemaker (which means no MRIs)!   So I tried getting him a cool medical alert type bracelet.. He wouldn't leave it on and after a while I quit trying.. It sits at the bottom of my purse.

Recently, the people at © A Very Special Heart offered me the opportunity to try their product. Needless to say I was thrilled.   Just reading this on their website was enough to tell me that I knew I wanted to try it out :
"In an emergency, Doctors and EMTs make crucial decisions about your medical treatment. These decisions are based on the best information available. Without reliable, detailed information, critical treatment maybe delayed…and this may mean the difference between life or death. With your Very Special Heart™ or Globe there are no delays. When it’s plugged into any PC, anywhere in the world, your Very Special Heart™ software* automatically displays your emergency medical information."

 Due to technical difficulties ( bratty computer not wanting to accept my camera card & someone *ahem* losing the cord to the camera there by not being able to upload pics until said computer decided to start acting like an adult instead of a netbook) , I had almost a month to play with my new heart necklace before being able to post this review.  I can honestly tell you that I love it.

You all know how I love getting boxes.. So the FedEx man arrived and I did a little happy dance..
It comes in a prettyful black box :) 

Inside is a gorgeous heart shaped box & little drawstring pouch. 

Inside the box is a beautiful necklace.
They are available in gold & silver hearts or a silver globe.

Isn't it beautiful?  Everyone I've seen has asked about my pretty necklace, not knowing that it doubles as a potential life saving device!

The pouch contains a little chain ..
If you prefer to not wear it as a necklace, you can clip it onto your purse or keychain - which actually is great for me as I have a little phobia about things around my neck.. I can only wear necklaces that you absolutely can't feel any weight.  Yeah, I'm weird.. you knew that already didn't you?? I did try wearing it for a few days but switched over to the purse clip instead :)

At this point (if you didn't click the link above.. hello, why didn't you click?) you are probably thinking "Ok it's a pretty necklace but what does it have to do with a special/medical needs child?  Let me show you :: 

This pretty little necklace opens up and inside is a USB port that you can plug into any computer and instantly get emergency information about you, your child, heck your entire family.  There's also a hidden pill compartment if you happen to have a life saving pill to put in there.

All you have to do is open it up (which proved harder than I initially thought and then I was afraid I'd break it.. ha.) and plug it into your computer to get started.

This screen comes up and you are off!

The program walks you thru everything entirely. It's very simple, liking filling out a form at the dr's office.  Personally, I have a word document where I keep track of all of Drool Prince's various diagnoses, hospitalizations & tests so I pulled that up and used it for help filling in the blanks.  Daddy Chaos & I were both very impressed with how thorough the questioning was. You can put a person's complete medical history on there and at the end add a picture.  Quite honestly I'm not sure what the limit is on how many people it can store, but I did input our entire family's medical information.  And not to worry, everything you put in is not immediately available to any Tom, Dick, or Harry.. When plugged into any computer, it will pull up the Emergency information only. If you have multiple people on your "heart", then it will pull up a folder with everyone's picture & name underneath to choose from.

Your new ©Very Special Heart also comes with a wallet id card which is bright & attention grabbing. There's a spot to write where you keep your personal heart so the EMTs know where to look.

I think this is a great product for anyone out there but it is a Wonderful product for those with special needs kiddos.  I can worry less knowing that should anything happen, I have all Drool Prince's medical info right at hand. Instant access.

Not to be pushy (ha, me pushy? never.. lol) but I urge you to go check it out. Then come back and tell me your thoughts..

*This post is 100% my own personal opinion, brought to you by ©Very Special Hearts, LLC. who were generous enough to provide me with a Very Special Heart to try out myself.  Thanks guys!


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