What I need most..

Once upon a time, what seems like a very long time ago but really was just last summer,  we traveled to that far away state to meet Southern Darlin' for the first time.   Already being a family of 7 at the time, we have a hard time fitting into normal hotels w/o having to purchase two rooms which would be an issue not only in money but in logistics.. Who to put in each room? Daddy Chaos & I would have to sleep separately (which I guess is not the end of the world but you get the point).   A friend suggested that we try a TownePlace Suites by Marriott.   This began a change in our hotel habits.

What keeps pulling us back is not the fact that they have two bedroom suites , a full kitchen, or feed you supper on weeknights*..  It's this :

Who can resist such comfort? Now I have slept in a waterbed since I was  14.  I normally cannot stand a *normal* bed.   These beds, I drool over.

So when we had to make the trek to that far away state in order to finalize on Southern Darlin's adoption last week, we naturally stayed at a TownePlace Suites on our trip home. I fully tried to convince Daddy Chaos  to just stay in Texarkana for ever in our suite. I did not want to leave the comfort of that bed.  The only way he convinced me to leave was to promise me that he'd drive an hour out of the way to hit another TownePlace Suites on our way home.. Love that man.

If you ever have a chance to go stay at one of these (perhaps all Marriott's have these beds, but I can't say for sure), try it out if you dare..  I could careless what the hotel looks like (although both we've stayed in have been wonderful) if the bed is to die for.

Now that we're home, Daddy Chaos & I have already been bed shopping trying to find a comparable bed. I NEED it.

* I'm not 100% sure that all TownePlace Suites serve snacks/supper on weeknites but the ones I stayed at did :) 

**This post is 100% my own personal opinion. It was not sponsored or compensated in any way... Although if Marriott wanted to send me a King size bed like above, I'd love it.. heehee


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