Airport Mania

Aww, isn't he cute?
I tried this game out today and it was fabulous! Reflexive came out with a great game. Airport Mania is a fun time management game- like diner dash, but with airplanes instead of people. There are 8 different airports and reportedly 84 exciting levels ( I got to the 3rd airport, but as usual I just played the 60min free trial). In this new fast paced game, you are an air traffic controller trying to manage the different planes and keeping everyone happy. Like the diner dash series- you get extra points for matching colors and doing things in a chain, you can even purchase a special layover spot that paints your plane the color you need!

I played this one with my 2 & 3yo alternating laptime. They were both enthralled with the 'planes and were happy to point out when a new plane entered the sky for me :) We had a blast and I'm sure you will to! Go give it a try and come back to tell me what you thought!


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