Well Damn.. It always happens like this doesn't?

I fully admit that I have a little addiction.. Daytime soaps are my weakness. I set my DVR and tape them religously. Days of Our Lives & previously Passions.. Then Passions decided to go off of NBC and onto the Direct TV only channel.. Go figure we didn't have Direct TV.. I mourned the loss..

Miracles of all miracles a year later we switch to direct Tv.. By this time my life is busier & I barely have time to watch the month + of build up DOOL let alone remember that -hey ohh Passions! I could watch it again.. Daddy Chaos reminded me though & I celebrated! So I set the new DVR up 2wks ago and started watching. Ethan & Theresa again- yeah!!

Then it happened.. At the 2am feeding, with nothing better to do- I was watching yesterday's episode of Passions... Only to get to the end and find out that -The Freakin Show ENDED for GOOD on me.. WTH? Come on?! I am soo kicking Daddy Chaos' butt for that one.. Get me rehooked on a show & have it yanked out from under me.. :sigh:


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