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The First One

The One Trilogy Book 2

  Ali and Flynn were high school sweethearts. Eager to see the world and leave behind their small Georgia hometown, they’d planned for an exciting new life together after they finished school. But on graduation day, only one of them hit the road. Eight years down that road, an unexpected loss brings Flynn home again. He’s a big-shot photo journalist, and he’s made most of his plans reality. But he’s done it alone. Is it too late for his biggest dream to come true? Ali’s spent those years working hard, raising a daughter and helping her brother keep their family farm alive. Thinking about Flynn and what might have been is a pain she tries to avoid . . . even when it’s impossible to forget. Flynn’s return brings back feelings Ali thought were long dead and hopes she’d abandoned. Finding their way back to each other will change them forever, opening old wounds and stirring up memories. Can first love be the one to last forever?

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The Last One


My Thoughts : 

I warned you when I reviewed The Last One (book 1) that I couldn't wait for another installment. It's finally here! We met Ali, who is Sam's sister, in the last book and I was anxious to read her story.  I won a book from Tawdra in a book party recently and she asked me which one was my favorite so she could send it to me.  As I told her, the most recent is always my favorite and then she goes and writes another one that takes it's place. There are so very many things that I love about this book, let's try to narrow it down. 

The Characters - 
Ali-  I love Ali. She is a strong independent woman.  She has worked her ass off not only raising her daughter from a young age but also helping her brother work the farm and save it after their parents died.  Did she make some mistakes? Hell yes! But we all make mistakes and I have to give her some leniency - she was very young.
Flynn- Our long lost hero who got the hell outta dodge and stayed gone as long as he possibly could. He has nursed his hurt at Ali not leaving after graduation with him and when he finds out her secret, he may not be able to forgive her.  Will he learn to accept his portion in what lead up to it? Will he come to realize that in leaving town and getting away, he also left his friends and family behind? Flynn is our hunky hero who comes back to town years later - a huge success and a hunk that has everyone swooning yet again!

Alex - I can't leave Alex out because he has my heart. I absolutely love Alex and I hope that someday Tawdra will see fit to venture out and give him his own story. Darling, he is perfection.  Best friend to both our hero & heroine, he is able to see both sides of the story and isn't afraid to set them straight when need be.  

The Story- 

The story switches back and forth between present and past as we learn more of Ali & Flynn's story and what lead to the current state of disaster.  Why did Ali choose not to leave with Flynn after graduation? Why did he never come back and try to work things out?  How did she manage to keep her secret for all these years?  It's a story of love, loss, secrets and lies. This is the perfect second chance romance.  I found myself arguing both sides of the story and shaking my head at times.  I cried more than a few tears with this one - have your tissues handy! 
As always, I loved getting the glimpse into Meghan & Sam's lives again and making guesses at who the next installment will be about! ( I know who it is ... do you?  )  

If you are looking for a well written romance, look no further than one of Tawdra's stories!  I highly recommend this series.  Although this could be read and enjoyed as a stand alone, I recommend reading The Last One first :) 

*Disclaimer - I received a copy of this book from Hayson Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion.  This is no way influenced my thoughts or opinions. *

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Tawdra Kandle writes romance, in just about all its forms. She loves unlikely pairings, strong women, sexy guys, hot love scenes and just enough conflict to make it interesting. Her books run from YA paranormal romance (THE KING SERIES), through NA paranormal and contemporary romance (THE SERENDIPITY DUET, PERFECT DISH DUO, THE ONE TRILOGY) to adult contemporary and paramystery romance (CRYSTAL COVE BOOKS and RECIPE FOR DEATH SERIES). She lives in central Florida with a husband, kids, sweet pup and too many cats. And yeah, she rocks purple hair.

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