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Caught in the Act
(The Davenports, Book 2)
by:  Kim Law

Publication:  Montlake Romance (January 27, 2015)
ISBN: 1477821228
Length:  368 pages
Genres:  Contemporary Romance


Catherine Davenport Carlton needs a break.  After dedicating her life to her political-minded family, shocking scandals from the past have shaken her to her core.  Summer in the quiet town of Dyersport, Maine, is just what she needs, especially with a super-hot neighbor right next door ... who's none other than Brody Hollister, the boy she fell in love with as a teen.  Cat wants nothing more than to pick up right where they left off eighteen years ago, but she's still haunted by a terrible secret that could devastate Brody.

Brody Hollister spent years pining over Cat Davenport.  They met young and loved passionately -- until she disappeared from his life. Now she's back, as spirited and beautiful as ever.  But while Brody is determined to help Cat free herself from her family's drama, his own family may be hiding something that could ruin their rekindled romance for good.

In Book Two of the Davenports romance series, sex and politics collide ... with passionate results.

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My Thoughts : 

Let me start by saying that this is the first book I've read by Kim Law.  Although this is the second book in a series, I have absolutely no problem following along and feel that it is just fine as a stand alone.  This book could well have been a soap opera with all the drama happening.  Don't get me wrong, I loved it !  Grab your bowl of popcorn and settle down to enjoy it!  It's full of lost love, second chances, teenage mistakes, lots of lies, political scandals ... you name it, this book seems to have it!

Cat & Brody met when they were both teenagers and fell in love over a summer. Unbeknownst to them both at the time certain forces ripped them apart and the love they felt was left to die as they both moved on in their own separate ways.   Nearly two decades later, Cat is back in Dyersport in a rental house on the beach to escape the scandals of her family.  In her free time, she oogles the hot neighbor as he jogs the beach and only realizes much later that the hot 6pack abs and cute backside belong to none other than Brody Hollister! Things start to sizzle between our modern day Romeo & Juliet but too many lies and secrets stand between them and more scandals seem to be uncovered by the minute!

Things I loved :
- Brody ~  who doesn't love a HOT geek? Come on, we are all book nerds here.  A hot professor who is super smart and apparently built like a Greek God? *swoon*
- Cat ~ this girl is super tough.  When you read about all that she's been thru, you feel for her.  The secrets are weighing heavily on her and you find yourself rooting for her to shake off the ones who would bring her down.
- The ending ~ this is a contemporary romance, so we all know it's going to have a HEA .. so without giving anything away, I will just say that one of my favorite parts is when Cat learns that her greatest loss was not what she thought.   Cryptic enough for ya?
- Steamy ~  I'm twofold on this one.  I loved that Cat & Brody took time and flirted rather than just immediately getting hot & heavy ...  But boy once they did - STEAMY.

I normally steer clear of any books with political stuff in it because many times they get too *cough* boring *cough*, I had absolutely no problems here!  Political rivalry just added to it and the secrets keep coming out!   I think you'll enjoy this one!

About Kim :

As a child, award-winning author Kim Law cultivated a love for chocolate, anything purple, and creative writing.  She penned her debut work, "The Gigantic Talking Raisin," in the sixth grade and got hooked on the delights of creating stories.  Before settling into the writing life, however, she eared a college degree in mathematics and then worked as a computer programmer.  Now she's living out her lifelong dream of writing romance novels.  She's won the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award, has been a finalist for the prestigious RWA RITA Award, and has served in varied positions for her local RWA chapter.  A native of Kentucky, Kim lives with her husband nad an assortment of animals in Middle Tennessee. 

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