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I thought we'd start out with the Mini Character Interview first because I love those most of all!   Be sure to stick around to read about the books, enter the giveaway and follow the rest of the tour here . :-)

Mini Character Interview
A question for Gabriel and Sophie

What surprised you most by the modern world?
1. Let's start with yoga. People stretch for fun?
2. That leads me to 'yoga pants'. Are they corsets for the lower limbs?
3. A microwave must be magic as there is no visible heating apparatus
4. Television—what exactly is a chia pet?
5. Toilet paper is heaven-sent

What surprised you most by the Civil War era?
1. How does no one seem to notice body odor? It's a wonder the world stayed populated
2. After years of technology, modern people are going back to making their own personal hygiene products like in the olden days. Weird.
3. I have to admit long skirts can serve a purpose—who cares what your thighs look like!
4. It seems people are pretty much the same regardless of the century
5. Air conditioning is heaven-sent!

Kiss Me, I’m Irish:
(Tennessee Waltz, book 1)
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Emily Musgrave is heading a direction she never wanted to go in Regency England--namely a convent to turn her from her waywardness. But it's more loneliness than rebellion that motivates her to escape her certain fate. Liam Jackson is going nowhere fast in modern-day Tennessee. Playing his Dobro in seedy bars and backward dives along with his fiddling sister, Tinker, is doing nothing for his music career--and even less for the dark places in his soul. Pixie mischief can not only change time-lines, it can change hearts. Because sometimes a girl just needs a little magic in her life.

Kiss Me, I’m Yours:
(Tennessee Waltz, book 2) 
When jilted Sophie Bowen stumbles into a stone circle filled with fireflies, she wakes up in a very different place—and time.
Beaten down by Lincoln's War and personal tragedy, Gabriel Merritt feels his life has become a lost cause.
In a post-war South still licking its wounds, Sophie and Gabriel struggle to understand the place they each find themselves in, while fighting a war of attraction.
And a mysterious twelve-year-old girl just might hold the key to it all.

Living so close to Nashville has provoked Bella to take up fiddle lessons. Until her tunes no longer sound like amorous alley cats, she writes romance with a touch of weird.

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