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Dragon Boy and The Witches of Galza
by:  A.A. Bukhatir

Publication: June 2012
ISBN:  1469191792
Length:  318 pages
Genres: Fantasy

Book Description: 

Aijou, an old man from the Village of Achikara, accidentally steps into the inescapable Forest of Haroomas, which is under a spell cast upon it by the Sister Witches of Galza.  In this enchanted forest, Aijou is given the care of a baby, which he later discovers is really a dragon.  Desperate to leave the forest with the baby, he is assisted by the Butterbaby fairy Queen.  In return for his promise that the baby will protect the fairyland from the ferocious dragons when he is old enough to do so, she guides Aijou to the Sister Witches so that he may obtain their permission to leave the Forest.  As Aijou journeys through the bewitched forest accompanied by two Butterbaby fairies, Rasaia and Shiawa, he is ready to face all manner of dangers.  He encounters strange fairies, supernatural creatures, powerful monsters and fierce dragons before finally coming face to face with the infamous Sister Witches of Galza.  Little does Aijou know however, what surprises the Sister Witches have in store for him and his newly acquired baby.

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My Thoughts : 

I was intrigued with the idea of Dragon people. Dragons that are born looking like humans and can shape-shift back and forth between human form and Dragon.  Amazing idea!! I love the idea behind the book - a widowed old man is able to finally have the child he and his deceased wife dreamt of,  a baby who looks human but is really a Dragon who will help protect the fairies from other dragons..   The characters in this book are well thought out if a bit annoying.  The main three (Aijou, Rasaia and Shaiwa) are always arguing, shouting or generally being annoying.  I did love the way the author described the Forest and all the various creatures that we met along the way.

I felt this book has great potential.  It has well built characters and a easily imagined world, yet it is lacking something.  It did nothing to attract me to the story. I found myself able to put it down repeatedly without feeling the urge to hurry back and read more.  That certain "uhmph" that makes a story one that you can't wait to read and see what happens was missing.   Due to this, I am only giving it 3 Stars..  Great potential and others may get caught up in the story easier than I did.  The book ends with the potential for further installments- I'm interested to see how the story and the author's storytelling abilities develop as he gains more confidence in his writing.


A.A. Bukhatir, a multi-talented performer, author, and businessman, was born in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates in 1975. He studied music as a child, began to sing professionally at the age of twenty, and has since released eight albums, recording songs in English, French, and Arabic. His live performances have attracted large audiences, such as at the 2006 Global Peace and Unity event in England that was attended by 35,000 people.

Heavily influenced by J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books, A.A. Bukhatir began focusing his creative efforts on writing novels several years ago. DRAGON BOY AND THE WITCHES OF GALZA is the first in a planned series of books about the adventures of a boy who is part dragon, part human.

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