One Last Dance by Angela Stephens

One Last Dance
by:  Angela Stephens

Publication :  Sept. 23, 2013
Length:  250 pages
Genre :  Mature New Adult

Book Description: 

“One dance, that’s all I’m asking for.”

Dreams don’t come true. That’s one thing that Sophie Becker knows for certain. Sophie spent the first nineteen years of her life dedicated to her dream of becoming a dancer, but when an injury ends her career as a performer, she struggles to find an anchor.

Now, a few years later, Sophie has tried to move on by opening a dance studio in the heart of Manhattan. She thinks she can hide from her pain, but it’s impossible in the face of daily reminders of the opportunities she has lost.

One night, a mysterious stranger walks into her studio, threatening to tear down the facade she has worked so hard to build up. Henry Medina is the reclusive CEO of Medina Properties and has a troubled past of his own. Henry is cocky, handsome and all he wants is to dance with Sophie.

When a dance becomes more than just a dance, will Sophie be able to handle the intense emotions that he stirs up? Will Henry reignite the passion in Sophie’s heart and heal her soul or will he leave her more broken than she was when he found her?

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Character Interview with Darren Thompson

How do you know Sophie?
Sophie and I met when we were both at NYU, in the arts program.

What do you think about Sophie’s dancing?
That girl can dance! Even now, with her injury she can probably dance circles around most of the pros I know.

Have you told her that?
*sigh* I tell her that every day, but she just hasn’t been the same after Christian. I think she lost a bit of her confidence after that good for nothing, piece of…

Okay okay… let’s keep it PG here. What do you think of Henry?
Look, I’m all for Sophie being happy and I gotta say that man’s got a cute butt, but he’s got some serious issues to work through. I just hope he doesn’t get Sophie involved in something that could hurt her. Sophie’s already pretty fragile as she is and Henry needs to be careful with her. Either he’s going to treat her right or I’m going to go over to his overpriced penthouse and show him a thing or two about people who hurt Sophie. I’ve got her back.

Thanks Darren, anything else you want to add?

Stay away from Sophie! I know how you reporters are and I won’t have you harassing her.

Angela Stephens is the author of the Beautifully Broken series and the soon to be released New Adult novel "One Last Dance". Angela enjoys reading stories about bad boy heroes falling for funny heroines with big hearts.

In her spare time, she can be usually found baking, knitting or curled up with her e-reader at the beach.

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