Sunday Snippets

Welcome to Sunday Snippets !   It's been so crazy around here lately that I thought I should start doing a weekly round up of sorts in case you miss something!  We'll see if I can manage to keep up with it this time!

So this week at Reviewing in Chaos....

We had a few cover reveals -

Cloaked in Fur  |   Created & Consumed  | Creatura

We had several excerpts -

 Solstice    |   Mid-Life Love    |   Apocalypse Cult 

A few reviews -

Embracing the Wolf    |    Barbie Girl  +  Barbie World

And lastly, we had several giveaways -

The Keeper and The Rune Stone    |  Embracing the Wolf    |  Within the Realm    |  Apocalypse Cult    |

The Photo Traveler    |  The Goddess Legacy    |  Gargoyle Addiction

If you haven't already entered, be sure to stop back by and enter the great giveaways!

As always, thanks for stopping in !!


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