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Welcome everyone!  It's time for a little time travel, a little magic and a lot of romance.. I hope you enjoy the excerpt of Soul Mates below.  Be sure to enter for your chance at 1 of 18,  yes EIGHTEEN ebook copies that the author is giving away on this tour!  Good luck !! 

Soul Mates
Sandy Wolters

Genres:  Paranormal Romance
Magic, Time Travel Romance

ISBN:  9781301079049

Number of pages:  142
Word Count: 50,573

Cover Artist:  Dannye Williamsen

Book Description:

Pulled Back Through Time, Shandelle Is Caught Between An Enduring Love And A Wizard’s Magic.

In the beginning of time, one soul splits into two. Lifetime after lifetime, the two souls are reborn and seek to reunite. Like a beacon of light from heaven above, their light shines for each other. Without the other, there is only darkness. A wonderful blessing that can only come from a deeply-bonded love, the sharing of one soul can also be a black curse if something disrupts the moment of their coming together.

Ireland 1323 - Donovan, chieftain of the Clan O'Brien, has unsuccessfully searched his entire adult life, to the detriment of his clan and all those around him, for that elusive possession that will bring his soul peace. He doesn't know what it is, but he will give up everything to find it. One day, he is summoned by the Wizard and told the secret of his obsession—his soul mate. She is no longer living in his time, but there is a way to bring her back to him.

Phoenix 2013 - Shandelle and Ian are embarking on their new life together. She is everything Ian ever wanted but never realized he needed before he met her. Shandelle is a generous soul who lives to make Ian and everyone around her happy. Unfortunately for them both, evil is stalking them. The blood bond duty of a close friend brings betrayal and evil into their lives. How were they to know that the death of a six-year-old girl in the early fourteenth century could have such grave consequences on their lives today?

~ Excerpt ~ 

Phoenix, Arizona 2013They raised their champagne flutes and clinked them together. Shandelle couldn't stop giggling. "I've never had a champagne breakfast before. I'm kind of digging this." The women’s laughter rang out from the table as the looks from the other diners went unnoticed.
Taylor snorted. "I got that idea when I refilled your glass for the fourth time. We haven't even been served our breakfast yet!"
Maeve looked at the golden liquid in her flute and raised it again. "Chill out, Taylor. I've got plenty of aspirin to get us through the day or at least until our champagne lunch. All our bases are covered."
"I'll drink to that!" Shandelle’s words slurred slightly as she raised her glass in a toast. "Happy Birthday to me!"
Taylor's glass hit the table with a dull thud after she joined in the toast. Excitedly bouncing up and down on her chair, she cried, "I can't wait. I'm giving you your birthday present right now." She reached into her Volkswagen-sized purse and pulled out a beautifully-wrapped birthday present.
"Hey! No fair. You said we were going to wait to give her our presents," Maeve protested.
"Well, I don't really want anyone else besides us to see what I got her." With a devilish grin, Taylor turned to Maeve and wiggled her eyebrows.
Getting into the spirit, Maeve grabbed Shandelle's hand and pleaded, "Hurry! Open it. I can't wait to see what she got you.” Tossing her head in Taylor’s direction, she said, “It's got to be really good to rate that expression on her face."
Taylor handed the gift to Shandelle, who shook it. Then she held it to her ear and listened. "Oh for God's sake, Shandelle, just open it already!" snapped Taylor.
Shredding the paper as she tore open the gift, Shandelle set the unwrapped box in front of her. She gently tipped the end of the box top and peeked inside just in case there was something naughty in it. She smiled to herself as she wondered just how mischievous Taylor could be. When she opened the box, confusion crossed her face. She looked questioningly at Taylor.
Maeve couldn't take it any longer. "What is it? Show me!" she shouted.
Shandelle pulled a beautiful tartan kilt from the box. Under the kilt was a collapsible, bejeweled, toy sword. Immediately, Shandelle's mind rushed to Ian and the first image she had of him. Her grin stretched from ear to ear. "Oh my God! I can't believe after all this time, you remembered!" She and Taylor laughed so hard, tears ran down their cheeks. Maeve sat back, her arms crossed across her chest, pouting. "I don't get it. Why don't I get it?"
Shandelle reached across the table for Maeve's hand. After a moment, Maeve clasped her hand. "Didn't I ever tell you about the first time I met Ian?" Shandelle asked.
Hurt, but not wanting to show it, Maeve replied, "You told me that you met at a children's school music performance." She continued to hold Shandelle's hand but shrugged her shoulders so her friends wouldn’t realize how left out she felt. "But, I don't see what that has to do with a kilt."
Shandelle turned to Taylor. "Fill the glasses up! I'm going to tell the story that changed my life."

About the Author:

I’ve been an avid reader for years. To my husband’s dismay, I have bookshelves full of books, rooms full of books, boxes full of books. My cars have books in them. I just can’t seem to get rid of them after I read them. You just never know when you will want to read it again, right? When my husband bought me a Kindle, it cut down on our need for storage, but it opened me up to books that I might never have experienced otherwise.

The biggest transition in my relationship with books occurred, however, when I, much to my surprise, became an author. I had started having dreams about people I didn’t know. I started looking forward to my dreams every night. Then I realized that I was daydreaming about these people as well. I'd just be sitting there, and these people and their antics would pop into my mind. Finally, I gave in and began writing their story down, something I had never dreamed of doing.

After I wrote my first book Maggie Mae, I had do idea what to do with it. After trying the traditional route for a little while, my husband pushed me in the direction of ebooks, and I’ve never looked back.

My books invariably feature strong women. My husband, Michael, and I have raised two strong daughters, Pilar and Shandelle, and they inspire the characters in my stories. As a matter of fact, Pilar was the main character in my book A Brother’s Love, and Shandelle is the main character in my new release Soul Mates. Justice for Emily was the most difficult book I’ve written, and that was because Emily was the victim of a sadistic, cruel, and abusive husband, who just happened to be the Chief of Police. One of my readers described this books as a “good mystery laced with sex, violence, ghosts and spirits.” The only thing her summary left out was the strength of the two women in this story: Emily and Rachael.

I’ve had fun with all the books I’ve written. I think the fact that I insert real events into my books, things that have actually happened in my family’s lives, is like having a private joke. Knowing that Michael Rogers in Maggie Mae is based on my husband tickles my fancy. I am a very lucky woman!

Although I write romance novels, they always contain a paranormal twist. My latest, Soul Mates, has the added element of time travel accomplished through the magical arts. I imagine my future writings will always contain romance with strong women and men of character, influenced by events that reach beyond what we consider normal, and perhaps seasoned with a little touch of whimsy.

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