Weekly Round up - 3.17.13

It's Sunday, which to me has always been the end of the week.  I don't care what calendar's say.  Monday starts the work week doesn't it??  Besides didn't God use the 7th day as rest?  Ha- Sunday IS the end of the week!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it anways :)

So I decided to try something new.. Yes, yes... I know I'm horrible about sticking with weekly things but I thought I would at least perhaps give it a shot.   So I'm going to try to do a weekly round up so to speak every Sunday to make sure you didn't miss any great giveaways or awesome books you might want to check out! 

So here goes..

Weekly Roundup - take 1

This week has been a crazy busy week here at Reviewing in Chaos!  10 things in 7 days-  eek!  Thank goodness next week is a lot calmer ! :)

Sunday 03.10.13
I told you about the Great Kindle Giveaway,  so hop over there if you haven't already and enter for your chance at winning a Kindle Fire or one of two $25 GCs.  And hey, if you already have a Kindle Fire and think shmme.. I don't need one.. You can always enter and give it to your favorite book reviewer/ bloggy momma.. Cuz I don't have a kindle at all :(

Monday 03.11.13
I introduced you to Wounded - a story of two people, each torn apart in their own way by the war that ravages their country, who don't believe love is possible until they find each other.

I also gave you a quick excerpt from Astarte's Wrath, along with a chance at a giveaway-- hurry though, this one ends at midnight tonite!

Tuesday 03.12.13
 Rebecca Ethington took over the blog and wrote about Chemistry between characters.  We also shared a giveaway for a Kindle Fire pre-loaded with two of her books (Kiss of Fire & Eyes of Ember).

Wednesday 03.13.13 (does anyone else spell today by saying in their head - Wed.  Nes.  Day ?  Maybe it's just me..)
Today you were given a sneak peek at Unbroken by Melody Grace as well as a chance at a lovely giveaway for a a $25 GC. 

Thursday 03.14.13
Today, we hosted Carol Van Atta with a character interview of Chloe Carpenter from I Kissed a Dog.
Carol also shared that she has a great giveaway going on her Facebook Page.  Be sure to check it out!

Friday 03.15.13
Today was special!  Not only did I share an interview with author Shandra Miller, but also an excerpt from her Eroctica novel  Lethal Obsession. 

We also celebrated the release day of the YA novel  Afterlife Academy by Jaimie Admans.   I sooo LOVE the cover, I would grab it off the shelf at a bookstore and rush home with it. 

Saturday 03.16.16
 Lastly, we ended the week with a cover reveal for the third book in the Loving Husband Trilogy -- Her Loving Husband's Return by Meredith Allard. 

And that is the end of this week's round up.  I hope you had a chance to go back thru and enter any giveaways you  might have missed or read up on a post you didn't have a chance to earlier!  See you here again next week!! :)


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