Beer Money- Interview with Dani Amore

Today's stop is another stop on the Beer Money book tour courtesy of Promotional Book Tours.  I am pleased to offer you a little insight into the author Dani Amore via our interview!  Enjoy !!

1. Let’s start out easy.. Tell us a little bit about your book.

Beer Money is the story of Burr Ashland, a private investigator in Milwaukee.  In the story, Burr’s best friend, a Marquette University history professor, is murdered.  Naturally, Burr investigates and is soon following up on his friend’s research, which involved a decades old mystery.

 I have to admit, the title pulled me in.  I love interesting titles!
2.What inspired you to write this story?

The inspiration came from a mixture of personal experience and research.  I lived in Milwaukee for several years and became interested in the curious histories of some of the brewing families.  Also, I love beer and drink as much of it as often as I can.

3. What is the main lesson that your book is trying to teach?

Beer is good.  And it’s very difficult to escape your past, especially if you’ve got something to hide.
ha :) I'm not a beer person myself but I agree it's very difficult to escape your past!

4. Moving on to your writing career, how long have you been writing? Did you always dream to become an author?

I’ve been writing fiction for fifteen years.  My dream is always confined to the book at hand.  In other words, my dream is to write a good book.  And each new project is an entirely new dream.
 I love it!  What a great way to make sure to put your best into each and every book :)

5. I’m always curious whether or not authors read the same types of books that they write.  So tell us, what book genres do you love to read? to write?

The bulk of my reading is crime fiction – the genre has always been my first love.  However, I make a concerted effort to read outside my favorite category.  So I include a blend of literary fiction, poetry and nonfiction in my daily reading.

6. What are you reading right now?


7. Have any particular authors  inspired you to write? If so, can you name one and what you like about their style?

The one author who inspired me to write was Thomas Perry.  His Butcher’s Boy stories are fantastic.

8. Do you have any upcoming projects?

Right now, I’m working on the sequel to BEER MONEY.  It’s tentatively called NAKED ALE.

Thanks so much for stopping by today !  I can't wait until I have a chance to read Beer Money. I love the names!! :)    Okay peeps, below is a little more about Beer Money and Dani herself!  Be sure to check it out!  Also there's a link to the giveway that's been going on so if you haven't already signed up- nows your chance!

Beer MoneyBeer Money

In the explosive opening to an exciting new mystery series, private investigator Burr Ashland learns that his best friend, a history professor, has been murdered. Burr is plunged into an investigation that puts him in the middle of a violent struggle not just between the present and the past, but between good and evil. With nonstop action and breakneck twists, BEER MONEY is the next bestseller from Dani Amore, who Mystery Tribune calls “A sensation among Kindle owners who love fast paced thrillers.”



About Author Dani Amore

Dani Amore is a bestselling crime novelist living in Los Angeles, California. She is the winner of the winner of the 2011 Independent Book Award for Crime Fiction. Her books include THE CIRCUIT RIDER (A KINDLE SERIAL), The Mary Cooper Mystery Series, THE KILLING LEAGUE, The John Rockne Mystery Series, and TO FIND A MOUNTAIN.  

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