An Interview w/ Suzan Butler

Today is a special day!  My very first author interview!  I always love reading about authors and getting more insight into their minds, so I was pretty excited to be able to do an interview! And an author who loves Dr Pepper is a woman after my own heart :)  First let's talk about her new book :

O Christmas Three
Suzan Butler

Genre: Contemporary menage

Publisher: Soaring Phoenix Press

Word Count: 32,000
Cover Artist: Soaring Phoenix Media

Book Trailer:  http://youtu.be/iVna-YVxU1s

Book Description:
Garrett and Brianna Zane have the perfect marriage on the surface. They share everything from love to their wildest sexual desires with ease. So when Brianna confesses she wants a threesome with his best friend Leobardo Vasquez, it awakens feelings Garrett has long tried to forget.
But the smoldering attraction between Leo and Brianna is hard to deny and even harder to dismiss when it’s all he can think about, especially when the three are trapped together in Leo’s cabin during a snowstorm. Seducing Leo will test their relationship, reveal old secrets, and maybe tear them apart. While there may be room for Leo in bed, there may not be room for a third in their marriage

And now, my friends,  onto the interview !!   Enjoy !

What inspired you to write this story?
 This story wasn't planned at all. I wrote it in the days after my finals in May were done simply because I needed an outlet that wasn't tests. It was stress relief.

What is the main lesson that your book is trying to teach?
Love comes in all shapes and sizes. There are ways to make it work even at the worst of times.

Moving on to your writing career, how long have you been writing? Did you always dream to become an author?
 A long time. Professionally, though, it's been about three or four years. I originally got serious about being published after my first official NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I've gone from there. And no, I didn't always dream of being an author. I wanted to be an astronaut.

I’m always curious whether or not authors read the same types of books that they write.  So tell us, what book genres do you love to read? to write?
 I read in a wide variety when I have time. I read mainly romance, but I have a fierce love of urban fantasy.  I originally started out as writing urban fantasy as well (and still have plans to go back to it) and much of my earlier work reflects that.

What are you reading right now?
 I'm finishing up revisions, so not allowed to read until that's done. However, I have a copies of Jim Butcher's Ghost Story and Cold Days to read as soon as I am done.

Have any particular authors  inspired you to write? If so, can you name one and what you like about their style?
 I always struggle with this because I can't name one particular author. Writing wasn't a decision I made. It was something that I grew into over time. I remember one time just sitting down and starting a story. I will say that the first story I ever wrote was remarkably similar to The Princess Bride.

Do you have any upcoming projects?
Oh, I have a ton. I'm planning six releases in 2013 so busy girl here. I'm launching my first series in March, a set of six books (not all will be out in 2013, though) surrounding the players of a professional ice hockey team. I'm very excited about this. I also have a traditional fantasy coming out in May. That's going to be a lot of fun as well. That one is a standalone, but I could be persuaded to turn that into a series... Of course, next year's Christmas novella, and I have a few other things on my plate that haven't been announced yet.

 About the Author:

Suzan Butler has a penchant for Dr. Pepper, ice hockey, and world domination. She lives in Texas under a not-so-secret identity with two monsters, writing books and planning the next step in her evil plans into the twilight hours of the night because that’s when it’s quiet in the house.


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