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Today, I am pleased to welcome Jacoba Dorothy to do a guest post for me!  I do so love reading about the authors!  

A bit about my pen name

What’s in a name? A very famous poet once said. Well, I believe a lot actually. Hence the reason I chose Jacoba Dorothy for my pen name. Most people ask why. And yes, it is an unusual name. Some call me Jacob or Jocoba, when they can’t get their head around it. It is actually my mother’s name, given to her by my Dutch grandfather, her father, who died when she was only two. I don’t know much about my Dutch heritage, but it’s nice to hold onto a name, to keep the history alive. I’m sure my mother would have been very happy to see I haven’t forgotten my ancestry, and to see her name living on. I know I’m very proud of it, and it makes me smile every time I see the front cover of my book.

A bit about the book

Reflections, is the first in the Eternal Curse trilogy. A continuing story of two sisters, Jo and Gabriella, who are bound by an ancient curse, set to determine the next sorceress in their family. This first book is a lot about discovery. As Jo uncovers the truth about her family and its secrets, and discovers more about herself and Gabriella along the way.

A bit from the book

Here’s an excerpt from one of the later chapters:
Jo arrived at the front of James’s building, the lovely taxi driver dropped her as close to it as possible. She climbed the stairs and pulled out the key Spencer had given her, put it in the lock and opened the door, expecting to find either an empty flat or James watching television. What she didn’t expect to see was a pretty blonde girl with strikingly blue eyes sitting on the sofa. For a second Jo thought she had the wrong flat and checked the door number. 23 - yeah that’s right. Besides, the key worked.
The girl didn’t say anything, just eyed her curiously.
Jo thought she better explain who she was. “Hi, I’m Jo, Spencer’s sister.”
So, she didn’t know Spencer, which means …?
“James’s roommate,” Jo clarified.
“Oh right, the one who takes all these photos,” she said, pointing to the enlarged prints Spencer had stuck all over his wall. “I was just admiring them. James is taking a phone call in the bedroom. Sorry, I’m Anita.”
“So you’re a friend of James?”
Anita screwed up her nose. “Yes, sort of.”
Sort of?
Jo didn’t quite know what to do. Anita patted the sofa. “Come sit down. I’m sure James won’t be long. He might know where Spencer is.”
Jo knew where Spencer was but wasn’t inclined to tell Anita. As Jo sat down, James walked out of the bedroom, momentarily preoccupied with stowing his mobile in his jacket pocket. He looked a little unnerved.
It took a few seconds before he looked at Jo, then he blinked and stammered, “Jo.”
Jo managed a smile. “Hiya, James. I let myself in. Spencer gave me his key this morning.”
“Right.” James paused as if he had no idea what to say. Jo looked at him calmly while Anita smiled at him. He stuttered, “Um, Jo - this is Anita.”
Jo narrowed her eyes. “We just introduced ourselves. I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”
“No,” James answered quickly. “You’re not interrupting. Anita and I are old school friends. We were just catching up when -”
“Actually, if you don’t mind, Jo, I need to speak to James privately. I’ve travelled across town and I don’t want to be travelling on the tube too late.” Anita smiled and patted her rather large bag, eyeing James seductively. “Mind, I could stay here the night.”
Jo saw the colour drain from James face and put the pieces together quickly, realising Anita was the holiday fling. She’d forgotten all about that. Now this upstart of a girl was telling her to leave the room so she could seduce James. Jo had spent her life letting others walk all over her, one of the main reasons the curse had taken effect so well. She wasn’t that person now. The way this girl dismissed her and made her intentions towards James obvious infuriated her.
Mustering her courage she stood up and looked directly at Anita. “To tell you the truth, I do mind. I’m happy for you to speak to James as long as you understand I’m the only one staying here tonight. I suggest you make it quick, so you and your bag aren’t late home.”
With that she turned towards James, grimaced and went into his bedroom closing the door.

Boy, that got me ready to grab the book and go take a long bath reading it :)  I love soaking in the tub with a good book!
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Web site: http://www.taylorstreetbooks.com/


Book Trailer for Reflections: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNCvAS5HXio
Book Trailer for Shadows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMpcQdMENK0

About the Author:
Jacoba Dorothy lives in Canberra, the bush capital of Australia. She is the mother of two and works part time teaching children with English as an additional language. Most days she can be found bashing away at the computer, either writing, editing, reviewing great books or face-booking. Oh and of course balancing her time to make sure she give special attention to her husband and family.
The Eternal Curse trilogy is her debut series, the second in the series, Shadows, should be released later this year. And the third installment, sometime next year. 

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  The author is giving away 5 paperbacks and 10 ebooks!! Enter via the rafflecopter below for your chance to win !!

Good luck and Happy Reading !!


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