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There's not much I love more than getting into a new book. It's a chance to fall into a new world while you can escape from everyday realities.   Today I'm pleased to be able to offer you an excerpt from a new book that I'm itching to fall into - Mirrored Deception .  Enjoy!

Trenton awoke stiff and cold. He was groggy, but as he looked around he remembered arriving just a few short hours ago. Outside the ocean crashed on the rocks and the seagulls called for their breakfast. For a brief moment, he allowed himself the luxury of remembering a happier time…of being a young boy who enjoyed those sounds, as he ran through the halls of this house.
            He listened intently for any noises that would indicate he wasn’t alone. With a groan, he stood and shook off the memories. He dug his razor and shaving cream out of his bag. Facing the bathroom mirror, he stared at the reflection. A face he no longer recognized looked back at him. The jet-black hair had gotten long and was in need of a haircut. The square chin covered with three day’s growth of beard. His eyes had long ago lost their sparkle and love for life.
            He scowled and started shaving. Once finished, he ran his hand over the now-smooth angle of the jaw. It would do for now. Trenton moved to the window, and drew back the curtain to look out. The sun danced liked diamonds off the waves. His lips curled into a smile and his shoulders relaxed. He was home. Home. He took in the rock wall at the edge of the trees as he leaned against the window. The memories came flooding back. His heart quickened as he recalled running along the rock wall playing tag with his brother in laughter and his father calling out to them to be careful as he laughed with them. He sighed. He had been happier then.
            Those were days long gone. Reasons for his return jolted him out of nostalgia. The hatred hit him hard and his insides turned to ice. There were plans to be made.
            Wary of the daylight, he made his way across the brief stretch of lawn to the dense woods. Finding the worn path, now overgrown with brush, he made his way towards the family carriage house. How many years had it sat empty? The old man had died - he’d read it in the paper nearly ten years ago. It had been kept quiet since some ruled it as a suicide. He had gone to the funeral and stayed in the back well hidden. He expected to see her there, but she was conspicuously absent. The other one had been there, looking sad.  He had overheard the owner of the bed and breakfast say he was alone now.  “No family left.” Where had she gone? He must find out. The carriage house would hold the answers, if there were any.
            As the woods cleared, the carriage house came into view. Trenton’s motorcycle was out front covered by a tarp. No one used this anymore. Certainly no one had been here in years. He pushed open the door and stepped inside, instantly feeling his dad’s presence beside him. The answers had to lie within these walls. Dad’s death wasn’t suicide, yet it had been ruled one. He knew the old man had done it and when he said something about it to him, the old man hit him right across the face and told him never to speak of it again. He had only been ten years old.
            His dad had died when he was nine. It wasn’t right to have parents taken at that age. It was a year after the “suicide” that Trenton confronted the old man. He had no idea at that time that he would pay for it; pay for many years and with his soul. He had lost so much.
            He shook his head and glanced around. The dust had built up over the years and lay like thick grime over the windows. It covered the furniture that was still here. Flipping the light switch, he was relieved the electricity was on. Upstairs had been his dad’s study. He would start there.
            He mounted the stairs slowly. There was no one here, yet the place felt cold in spite of the warmth of the June sun. A shiver ran down his spine. Was that supposed to be a message? His senses had always been trustworthy, but all of a sudden Trenton felt like an intruder. Something crackled outside. Leaves? Or footsteps? He stopped, listening carefully. He shook his head. Just his imagination. The old man would not be an albatross any longer. Trenton was here for one reason and one reason only -- revenge.

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