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Destiny Unveiled

Gabriella and Darron thought their magickal battle was over when they defeated the evil warlock, Richard. When her Aunt Donna seeks Gabriella's help in rescuing her catatonic daughter from the Dark Coven, Gabriella discovers that her cousin holds a power within her that would be catastrophic in the hands of the evil witches. Gabriella's coven sets out on a journey that may be their last. Along the way, they meet new allies, face devastating treachery, and battle not only the Dark Coven, but the darkness within themselves. When Gabriella finally comes face to face with the cousin she never knew existed, her true destiny is unveiled, and the fate of the mortal world is in her hands.

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My Review : 
 This is one of those series that I immediately grab my 16yr old and say "You HAVE to read this!".  I read Book 1 in one sitting.. I just couldn't put it down.  Destiny Unveiled (book 2) is just as good! Just when you think things have settled down and Gabriella & Darron can go back to a semi normal high school life, it's all turned upside down again!   Gabriella's long lost aunt shows up with news that will draw them into the fight of their lives.  Now they must fight the Dark Coven in order to save Gabriella's long lost cousin, all the while coming to terms with the darkness within themselves.  It's a fast paced quick read.  You won't be able to put it down- guaranteed!!

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*Disclaimer-  I was given a copy of Destiny & Destiny Unveiled by PBTs in order to facilitate my review.  However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. *


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