Book List 6

I've really slacked off on keeping up my book lists.. But I figured I'd start up again! Especially since I joined the Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.  (go on, click it.. you know you want to..)! ooh la la.. I'm going to be swimming in books soon :)

Alas these books are all from the library..  I'll update as I read them :)  I'm always looking for new books so, let me know, what have you read lately??

Scandal of the Year: Abandoned at the Altar

Beware a Scot's Revenge (School for Heiresses, Book 3)

I thoroughly enjoyed this one.. The bit of Scottish brogue thrown in from time to time thrilled me to no end. I know I've mentioned a time or two that I am a huge accent freak. I love to listen  (and apparently even just read) to people with accents from Southern accents to British to Scottish.. Love it.. :sigh:

Smokin' Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel

I absolutely *big fluffy heart* love Janet Evanovich.. Her books always make me laugh and sigh and laugh again.  The number series (as I call it, I'm not sure if there really is a series name?) is one of the best series I've ever read.. I have loved the Stephanie /Ranger/ Joe triangle from the very beginning and the sheer fact that there are now 17 books, well that sure goes a long way to help my love keep growing..  My only complaint is that the book ends in a cliffhanger.  I have to believe that Ms Evanovich knows that the only correct and proper way to begin the next book is to tell us promptly that Stephanie has chosen RANGER.. Please, Ranger.. please...

The Heir

Grace Burrowes was a new author for me.  You know how I am with new authors.. I am leary.  Let me just say that there was absolutely NO reason to be.. My only regret with this book is that the next installment hasn't come out yet.  I'm thoroughly captivated with the characters and can't wait to read more! and more!!


Blood Game: An Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller (Eve Duncan Forensics Thrillers)

Sugar Daddy

I admit that at first I wondered if I'd like this book.  It's based in Texas, which we all know that my favorite area is London/Scotland, and although I'm sure they all had good southern drawls... it's just not the same as a great British accent.. Plus Sugar Daddy? I was thinking- fluff.. I'm not going to love it..   I should have known better.. I really enjoy  Lisa Kleypas other books.  Why did I think this might be any different?? I fell In.Love.  I stayed up til the wee hours of the morning just to finish it because I just could NOT go to sleep w/o knowing how it ended.  It takes us from first love, thru loss and struggle to new love.. In the beginning, I was all for Liberty ending up with Hardy. It's her first love, he's so perfect..  And then she meets Gage.. I started to fall for him. I wasn't sure Ms. Kleypas could end this one in a way I would be happy because I was too conflicted myself but in the end - it was perfect..  Loved it!

Smooth Talking Stranger

Scottish Brides


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